Design of Boom Potty


Boom Potty is contoured to keep baby confortable

The baby can sit firmly without further supports from parent. Parent has hands-free to clean for the baby

The opening in the front designed to help access baby’s bottom to clean easily

Use a bum gun or bidet to wash away most of the poop on baby’s bottom through the opening in front.

The potty can be placed securely on the toilet seat.

Poop and waste water flows directly in to toilet, ensuring your family’s hygiene.

Anatomical contour of the Potty to mimic a natural and healthy squat

Boom Potty gently raise the baby knees above the hips to have a natural and healthy squat
Functions of Boom Potty

Wash for baby directly on toilet sit

Wash for baby on floor near drainage point

Work as a normal Potty

Toilet training potty

Why you should use Boom Potty? Babies at very early age can also adapt to real pooping position, in a real toilet

Don’t have to struggle in difficult positions, busy holding and washing.

Do not wet parent’s feet and other parts of the baby any more

Not to spend money on wet tissue any more

Don’t have to clean sink, bathtub, bath room’s floor

Less time consuming, it’s very easy, very fast and hygienic

This is perfect for potty training

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