Best way to clean baby bum

Date: 2019-02-26

Best way to clean baby bum


When your child has a poopy blowout , how many of those disposable baby wipes does it take you to clean off that bottom?  When you used disposables, it took you 3 or more to clean baby bottom, depending on the extent of the damage.  And you inevitably wound up with some poop on your hands.

When you started worrying about chemicals, one of the first changes you should make was the way to clean baby poop. Have you ever wondered how to clean baby poop without baby wipes ?


Baby wipes is toxic


Baby wipes are increasingly marketed in personal care products for all ages, and MI exposure and sensitization will likely increase. Dermatitis of the perianal, buttock, facial, and hand areas with a history of wet wipe use should raise suspicion of ACD to MI and prompt appropriate patch testing. Rapid resolution occurs after the allergen exposure is eliminated. All isothiozolinones should be avoided in personal care and household products for these patients.

The Pediatrics piece at no point advised parents to “never clean” children with baby wipes “no matter what,” nor was methylisothiazolinone pinpointed as a risk to anyone not allergic to the preservative.

Have you thought about stopping using baby wipes for cleaning baby bum?


Best way to clean baby bum


Washing baby’s bottom with water – a safe solution. Boom Potty is the best way to clean baby bum nowaday.

1.   Design of Boom Potty

2.   How to clean baby bum with Boom Potty?

  • It’s clean to use the shower or bidet to clean instead of baby wipes.
  • The dirt will flow into the toilet.
  • After, using a clean towel to dry baby
  • Wash your hands well.

   It is very simple! You have finished a difficult task.

3.   Why is Boom Potty the best choice?

  • Not to spend money on wet tissue any more.
  • Don’t havey
  • Not to struggle in difficult position, hold and wash.
  • Don’t wet parent’s feet and other parts of the baby
  • Don’t have to clean sink, bathtub, bathroom’s floor                                                     
  • Wash the baby directly on toilet’s sit.
  • Wash the baby on floor near drainage point.
  • Work as normal Potty.


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Boom Potty is a new product with more breakthroughs than the old products on the market. Boom potty helps parents more easily to clean baby bottom. 

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