When can start potty training

Date: 2019-02-26

When can start potty training

Every child is different. Some kids  train earlier (or later) than others.

Ultimately, it’s important that parents follow a journey that works your child.

Some numbers to keep in mind:

Potty Training Around Age 2

Around 22 months: Most children find they are poop-free at nighttime.

Around 24 months: Parents should start to watch for signs of potty training readiness in their child. A small percentage of potty prodigies will be ready before they are 24 months old. Unsure if your child is ready to start potty training?

Between 24 and 36 months: If you said “yes” and you’re observing behaviors that your child can move forward, start conversations with your child. Find out a potty being tailored to your child!

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Potty Training Around Age 3

Around 36 months: Most children make the potty training leap around their third birthday. 40 to 60 percent of children complete potty training by 36 months of age. ln general, girls tend to complete potty training about three months earlier than boys.

Between 3 and 1 years old: Your journey is not over yet. Accidents happen! They’re not a big deal parents should expect them. Once in a while, your child may be tired or sick…. This is a perfectly normal natural part of the learning process.

Girl ready to begin Potty Partnership

Potty Training Around Age 4

Over the age of 4: If your child is over the age of 4 and fully potty trained by day, but having three to five wet incidents at night per week, talk to your pediatrician. The doctor may diagnose nocturnal enuresis, commonly known as “bedwetting.”

Set aside your expectations. On average, it takes eight months to potty train a child, and many children take longer.

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