New tool for cleaning baby’s bottom with water

Date: 2019-02-26

Each family has its own story. There are a lot of surprising factors that affect to a family, to mine- that’s a potty. Can you believe it? But it’s real :)))


When my son was born one year ago, even though I had prepared carefully everything, I could not still handle 2 problems. They are my cleaning after giving birth and my son’s hygiene. That was such a painful but meaningful experience I’d ever pulled through. Complex feelings, various emotions, sharp pains,…everything disappeared immediately at the moment I saw my son for the first time. I was fulfilled of happiness only. My family welcomed him home in such a warm atmosphere and my husband gave me a gift that I would never forget and never stop being grateful to him of it. Can you guess? A beautiful ring, a trendy car, or something beyond any wife’s expectation in this world? You are right about that beyond expectation thing if it’s your answer- that’s a potty, Boom Potty 😀

dụng cụ vệ sinh cho trẻ đi ngoài

That potty is such an effective supporter of mine in cleaning my son’s butts after his hygiene and making sure of his comfort every other time. It has a light weight with an opening gap in front so that I can use my shower to wash him right when he’s still sitting safe on the potty and playing with his toys. This potty also has its bottom’s firm structure so that it can fit the toilet’s oval surface. My son’s butts on this potty are like cheese in the pizza


In my opinion after experience, Boom Potty is such a convenient and new tool for cleaning baby’s bottom with water that worth per coin. Try it: and you will see how magical this tool is. From that day on, I’ve been saving a lot of energy as well as my invaluable time for other important things. But the most amazing thing that Boom Potty brought me: a safe hygiene health for my son.


Thank you for reading my story and I hope it’s useful for all of you!